Austria Guide: The Best Conscious Hot Spots You Must Visit


I currently live in Paris but I am originally from Austria. For me, it is always exciting to come back home and to visit my favorite places or even discover new ones: from enjoying organic ice cream to the best veggie buffet. Here are 9 conscious hot spots you must visit when in Austria.

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Hotel Waldklause (Eco Hotel)

A relaxing holiday for both body and soul: the innovative spa and wellness eco-hotel Waldklause is located in the beautiful forest area of Ötztal, surrounded by the Tyrolean Alps. Enjoy an impressive panorama, even from your bed! All rooms are light-flooded and provide plenty of space. To create a positive, warm atmosphere, the modern designed building is entirely made of natural materials like wood, glass, and stone. A celebration of the senses is the breakfast buffet and the 5-course gourmet menu where you can choose local (with ingredients coming from the region) and international dishes. A sauna, vapor-bath, herb sweating chamber as well as a thermal spa that is just a walk away will make your spa-holiday in the Austrian mountains a memorable one!

Instagram: @naturhotel_waldklause

Wiener Seife (Soap Manufacturer)

Mia Windisch-Graetz