Mautner Markhof Vinegars

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Brief write new product descriptions for the French & Spanish vinegar line

Client Mautner Markhof

Credits design Sophie Juren, copy: Mia Windisch-Gratez (Jung von Matt/Donau 2014)


Translation Champagne vinegar C’est une boum! - "This is a party,” the French would say now. A party for the senses. Because both, the unique scent as well as the taste of sun-ripened, French grapes flow around our heart and make it celebrate.

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Translation Rioja vinegar with orange “La vida es dulce” when sweet oranges indulge in the fiery vines of Rioja, one of Europe's most important wine regions. The lively dance of the two fruits from Spain not only makes the salad irresistible, but also flavours fried poultry and fish and gives sauces special touch.

Mia Windisch-Graetz