Mautner Markhof Salad Dressings


Brief write product descriptions for the new Mautner Markhof salad dressings

Client Mautner Markhof

Credits design: Max Mauracher, copy: Mia Windisch-Graetz (Jung von Matt/Donau, January 2015)

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Balsamic Classico Whether the little black dress, Mozart's Don Giovanni or a vintage car; there is nothing like an all time classic.

Balsamico Classico with original acetone balsamico di Modena harmonises especially with:
- Mediterranean salads
- tomato salad
- Insalata caprese or meat sauces

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Garden herbs Running barefoot through the meadow, stumbling over the one or the other molehill, ripening along with the tomatoes and enjoying a delicious summer salad.

Fine garden herbs, sweet peppers and selected spices fit perfectly with:
- green -
- cucumber or
- tomato salads

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Yogurt garlic When it suddenly starts to rain or our neighbour is at the door without any warning; then we would all like to be as adaptable as the garlic.

Suits almost everything, but goes especially well with:
- zatziki with cucumbers or
- as a side dish with potato wedges and baked potatoes

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Italian herbs Ciao Bella! Whether chilling on a deckchair or having a long walk by the sea; 50% yoghurt will certainly prepare you for your bikini body.

For some Italian charm in every salad, our dressing contains:
- basil
- rosemary
- thyme and
- oregano

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Yogurt mild When the bus is late, the boss grumpy or the children like Max & Moritz: sometimes a little mildness does us all good.

The mild yoghurt dressing goes well with:
- green -
- cucumber or
- black salsify salad

Also good as a dipping sauce for vegetable sticks or baked potatoes.

Mia Windisch-Graetz