AdVenture 2012/13

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Pan-European AdVenture 2012/13: 1st place in Austria, TOP 10 of Europe

Brief prevent 18-25-year olds from binge drinking by creating an online campaign that would work throughout Europe

Idea Don’t black out alcohol.

Credits Tanja Weber, Felix Reismann, Simone Salomon, DC Yu, Sarah D’Agostino, Mia Windisch-Graetz

Online Banner
A banner will turn the computer screen black for a few seconds. Once you click on the banner, you are immediately redirected to the film on the website.

Online Film
There will be one victim who will be tricked by several actors to believe they have a blackout.

Scene 1
Two people (one of them being the victim) are standing in a club. A person walks up to them and starts talking to them acting as if they had seen them doing the most embarrassing thing in that club lately.

Scene 2
The victim is completely confused. This person must mistake them for someone else! Half an hour later, however, another actor sets them on the same track by saying something similar.

Scene 3
The victim gets nervous and starts to think if they had been drunk in that club last time. Did they really embarrass themselves last time? The victim’s friend (the third actor being involved in the trick) confirms what the two strangers were saying. The victim realises that they cannot always remember everything when they are drunk due to possible black-outs. Everything is secretly recorded by a person nearby.

Mia Windisch-Graetz